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Mutant X [entries|friends|calendar]
Adam Kane

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Driving in the rain... [03 Nov 2004|02:11pm]
The rain beat down hard on the windscreen, and Adam flipped the wipers to the highest setting. When he'd left Sanctuary the weather had looked like it was going to hold up, and in his haste he had forgotten to consult the immediate forecast. Something that he usually always did.
...it couldn't be said that he had been acting noramlly, these past few hours, since Loraine's message. Susan had been stabilised - the treatment should have had lasting results, but Susan's condition had deteriotated rapidly. He felt personally repsonsible for what had happened. He needed to know just what had gone wrong, or had been missing, with the treatment. ...the treatment should've had lasting results...
...but none of that was going to bring Susan back now.

Road visibilty was low now, thunder and lightning making their appearances overhead as the rain continued to beat down.
He punched a few buttons on the center console, and grimaced at the read out. The weather wasn't going to ease up any time soon. Passing a roadsign for a highway diner, he decided the best course of action would be to take 5 for a while. Sit down, have something to eat, wait for the storm to die down.
"Yeah, " he thought to himself, remembering words from a long-since departed mentor "Eat when the opportunity presents itself. The next proper meal you get may not be for a while".

As he sat in front of a cup of coffee, his thoughts once again drifted. His reverie was interurpted by a single gunshot and a shriek from the front counter. He saw a man run out of the diner, a woman falling, another man catching her and lying her on the ground. And blood.
Adam literally flew out of his chair, his instints to help taking over.
Her injuries weren't as serious as appearances let on, and he soon had the bleeding curtailed. She was stable, and the ambulance was on its way.
Adam learned that the man who had caught the woman was her husband. The pair had been travelling home from a convention when the storm broke, and they had passed a hitchhicker. Wanted to help the stranded guy, they pulled over and headed for the nearest diner. Things had gotten ugly when they arrived at the diner. The hitchhiker had wanted them to hand over the car keys, and at first they had thought it was a joke.
"...and this is the repayment we get for helping a stranger?" The man shook his head sadly, grasping his wife's hand more tightly.

Adam stayed with them until the ambulance arrived and then returned to his car, the man's words echoing in his head. He had also taken in a stranger, and that stranger was still in Sanctuary, in his home.
He called up Loraine and, three quarters of an hour later, as they said goodbye, was finally satisfied that his presence wasn't required [she'd told him she had sent that message to him without having the chance to process what had happened. She had never thought, hand't even considered, he would act so quickly.].

He turned on the headlights, and headed back toward his home. He tried sending a message to Sanctuary, but all communication from the vehicle was down, no doubt due to the storm.

The wipers flicked back and forth.
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